Our Star product, the baking powder Rexal, it has over 80 years on the market and it’s manufactured with the finest ingredients, having a strict quality control with the raw materials and with the finished product, which assures us that its quality is the best.


Cakes, pancakes, muffins, buns, biscuits, cookies, hotcakes, waffles, tamales, empanadas, flour tortillas, and many more.

Presentations of Rexal

Retail Unit per box
Rexal of 100 gr / 3.53 oz can 60
Rexal of 250 gr / 8.82 oz can 50
Rexal of 500 gr / 17.64 oz can 24
Insitutional Unit per box
Rexal 10 lbs platic Tub 4
Rexal 50 lbs bag 1
Rexal FIII 50 lbs bag 1
Rexal presentation of 500 g
Flour, eggs, milk, sugar over a table.