Facilitates the development of your breakfast with Pan Cake Mix Promesa® make them perfectly round as you like them. You can also use it to prepare delicious crepes.

Suggested applications

The Pan Cake Mix Promesa® can also be used to further develop rich crepes and waffles.


Bag 320 g makes about 15 hot cakes.

Storage and shelf life

The flour should be placed in a cool, dry place avoiding stored with spices and dried chilies and non-food products such as detergents and insecticides. Use preferably within a period not exceeding 10 months from the date of manufacture. The product is packed bilayer coil, polyester polyethylene 12 microns and 350 miliseconds, to form packaging doypack with 400 g product.


The pancakes are easy to prepare. Our type of packaging is tailored to customer needs. Because the ingredients used, offers the comfort of the hot cakes do not have to be cooked immediately but can be left on cooling after whipping.

Retail Units per box
Pancake Mix Promesa 320 gr 30 Bags
Pan Cake Mix Promesa
Image of crepe with banana, strawberrys and chocolate